Q: What is Unadorned Magazine?
A: Simply put, we're a bridal publication offering a directory of local wedding professionals for hire. In greater detail, we're an artistically curated magazine that inspires the newly engaged while beautifully promoting & advocating for fine female entrepreneurs and small businesses. 

Q: Is Unadorned really ad-free?
A: When you hear "advertisement" you probably imagine a half-page or full-page image with a splashy logo and tagline. So, in the traditional sense, we are totally ad-free. Technically speaking Unadorned "advertises" on every single page, but our viewers enjoy nothing but beautiful, inspiring, logo-free imagery.

Q: How do you select artists to participate in Unadorned?
A: It isn't important to us if your business is 10 years established or if you're the new kid on the block. Unadorned looks for artists making fresh, inspired work. Our goal is to connect with savvy brides, grooms, other wedding professionals and people who generally dig art. If your social media presence speaks to them, chances are you're exactly who we're looking for!

Q: Can I participate if I live in a different state?
A: If you offer goods that can be ordered online and shipped anywhere within the US, please shoot us an email! We will be offering uniquely structured advertising options for these types of businesses and we would love to hear from you. 

Q: How many printed images will feature my work?
A: Each issue will feature 30 - 40 unique artists & businesses. It is incredibly important to us that the magazine layouts do your photo shoots justice, highlight your unique crafts, and spotlight every participant beautifully. Keeping that in mind, consider the category your business falls into; some participants will inevitably see more of their work in print, such as the photographers and venues. 

Q: What do I get for contributing?
A: Aside from the freakin' awesome opportunity to network, each vendor will earn download access to digital images from their shoot including gorgeous behind the scenes coverage. We prioritize BTS coverage in our social media strategy, so it's a priority to capture every artist working on set.

We truly want each artist's business to grow from the Unadorned experience in some way, and we will continue to think of new and creative ways to distribute and promote this project to potential clients. For more information on "how it works" and "what's included" please shoot us an email to request an official media kit: