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Letter of Intention | V.2 Monarch

In our industry the bride-to-be is regarded as Queen. Each summer we work studiously by her side and come snowfall we are back to the drawing board, learning and innovating new ways to impress her. An integral part of our strategy as wedding professionals is to generate fresh ideas that inspire and captivate her through beautiful imagery. As Wisconsin’s first print publication to feature avant-garde bridal content free of traditional advertisements, Unadorned Magazine strives to be an essential resource for the inspired bride and the best platform for creative wedding professionals and entrepreneurs to artfully showcase their innovative ideas. This issue of U/M features four leading ladies, each exemplifying distinct personal style. These images are brought to you by a selection of the finest wedding professionals in Wisconsin.

Letter of Gratitude

On behalf of everyone who made "Monarch" real, we sincerely thank our viewers for spending time with these images and supporting our project. To Allison and the magazine contributors: we are blown away by the level of talent, passion, professionalism and energy each of you brought to set. Thank you to the lovely ladies - Ann, Katie, Illiana - who lifted boxes, swept floors, held reflectors and graciously took direction. Thank you to each of our fabulous models for being such a pleasure to work with, to the wonderful hotel staff for hauling our gear and parking our cars. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts to Mary at The Journeyman Hotel for making our dreams come true and to Marco for believing in us from the get go. Thank you to Ava - our lovely and talented layout designer - for her collaborative spirit and for perfectly executing our vision. Thank you to Lottie for always making shoot days extra fun and for beautifully capturing the teams at work, thank you to Milwaukee Airwaves and Video Villains, to Ann and Ramsey for their support and last but not least, a very real thank you to strong coffee and daytime cocktails.